Olive treesSituated in southern Italy our retreats at Kaliyoga are on offer weekly from mid April until October with a break in August.

We are now recruiting our volunteer teams for 2018.

This is a great opportunity to live on one of Europe’s most loved yoga retreats & share your skills & energy whilst fostering a daily yoga practice & learning about how yoga retreats operate.

We fit our volunteer teams together according to skills, interests & availability so write as much as you can about yourself below to give us an idea of who you are & what you’d like to find in this experience.

Start dates in 2018 are April 11 for 8.5 weeks, June 10 for 8 weeks & Sept 1st for 7. 5 weeks.

We are not searching for yoga teachers, we are looking for people with kitchen skills & although we’d expect you’d be attending our classes we don’t need any specific support in our yoga classes. In exchange for 30 hrs of simple & sometimes arduous kitchen work you can live on retreat, eat amazing food & practice yoga with us for a couple of months.

These positions are sought after & if you don’t get a position this time we’ll keep you on file & let you know when we are next recruiting. Beyond a confirmation email we don’t get back to everyone who applies because we sometimes get a huge amount of applications for the 9 positions… so if we intend to follow up on your application, you can expect to hear from us within a few weeks of applying and we can schedule an interview. 

If you are looking for a more immersive yoga experience an alternative opportunity is the Mentorship program which is an incredible experience to stay with us for a month & support your professional development in yoga retreat teaching… this program is a fee paying course, not an exchange offering.

Please read the following information carefully before you apply, even though I realise there is a lot to read we expect that you’ve completely understood our offering before making contact with us…Bike ride


Daily yoga classes; abundant meals of fresh and nutritious vegetarian food; shared communal staff accommodation in a home a few minutes down the road from our retreat (a mere 10 mins walk from the action); bikes; the occasional staff outing & adventure; all retreat facilities & activities; access to our wonderful therapists at staff rates; love + respect & maybe even friends for life…

Not included:

Travel; travel insurance; personal costs; any extra outings or retreat activities; catering for special dietary needs beyond vegan & gluten free.

Working hours & expectations:

If you’d love nothing better than to come & join a little international yogi team, help for 5/6 hrs a day to chop & peel mountains of veggies, prepare basic snacks, brunches, breakfasts, juices & smoothies, take our beautiful dog for a walk sometimes, chat with our guests who come from around the world & do heaps of dishes – great! you’re perfect…

We have three rotating weekly shifts of 5-6 hrs but you may be asked to give additional support when necessary. Hospitality experience is a must & basic cooking skills are necessary. Cooking skills are essential but we support you with a week of training so don’t worry too much if you are not a ‘cook’… home cooking experience is enough, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn & adapt is the most important factor!

Each daily shift includes basic food preparation, serving food, cleaning a small domestic kitchen & doing loads of dishes… don’t worry we have dishwasher machines that work most of the time… kaliyoga raw treats tashi yoga

Your daily shift might include:

  • Breakfast – preparing a fruit salad with a healthy smoothie or juice, making yogurt & granola, setting up the buffet breakfast bar then clearing up & doing the dishes.
  • Lunchtime – assisting the chef to serve the buffet style lunch, setting up the lunch area then clearing up & doing the dishes & helping the chef prep dinner.
  • Dinner – making & setting up for an aperitivo followed by serving the three course dinner, clearing & packing down the kitchen for the night.

Additional support you may be called upon to offer during your stay includes hosting, helping in the yoga shala, setting up for activities, trouble shooting guest issues, general tidying & beautifying of our space, joining guests on walks and bike rides, keeping the team sane…

If you come & volunteer with us you become a vital part of the retreat experience & of our tiny but incredible retreat family. You would be a necessary support for our guests & our team… We expect anyone who applies is genuinely interested in developing their yoga practice, supporting transformative retreat experiences for our guests, holistic healthy living, being adaptive, tolerant & utterly inclusive, living communally, finding grace under pressure & sharing positive vibes.

Some things to take into consideration:

  • We run 6 day retreats… people arrive on Sundays and leave again the next Saturday, that means there are no full-days on our retreat without guests onsite. You’ll have 2 days off each week but if you tire easily and need a lot of time to yourself, this may be too much for you!
  • The staff team live in a house next door which is private so you always have a place to go offsite for your downtime. It’s FAR from luxurious accommodation & utterly communal.
  • You may be sharing a room in the staff house which houses up to 5 people at any time. We need people who don’t mind living communally, think euro-hostel chic in a hay field & an insta-family… but definitely #nofilter amazing sunsets everyday. If you don’t like sharing a room then this may not be for you.
  • You are encouraged to hang out & be on the retreat when you are not on shift, we welcome you being onsite but to always be aware that our guests come first in terms of hammocks, sunbeds, lounges, hot-tub… we need the staff to be keen on giving our guests their best experience… that said you can use all the common areas: the pool, the kitchen, the jacuzzi… you have access to all of the facilities & can join any of the inclusive activities and trips when you’re not working.
  • Everyone is silent in the mornings until 10.30am, this includes the staff except for essential communication…
  • WIFI is available onsite (not in the staff house, local SIMs with data packages are cheap) but all of our communal areas are device-free. Guests use their devices in the privacy of their rooms so you’d only be free to use our wifi (which is far from fast or perfect… we’re not in any kind of tech capital..) when our guests are otherwise occupied in activities & classes. Skype or video calls are best made when our guests are off-site which occurs a couple of times a week. If you need constant contact with digital devices and fast wifi it may not be very convenient nor fun for you.
  • We expect you to have a phone & a working SIM with WhatsApp for comms.
  • You are expected to want to attend the yoga classes & activities and be a part of the social vibe of the retreat and the team. We discourage those who have personal projects (books, blogs, online business…) that would take all of their free-time to apply… don’t come if you are too busy to just hang out,we’d rather have someone who has time to chill & get to know the area & the people.
  • Don’t worry… there are beautiful villages only a bike-ride away, local trains to amazing places & some staff outings sometimes so you can get out & see a bit of Italy while you’re there.

These positions are perfect for people who would like to:

  • sustain a daily yoga practice
  • live in a positive environment with retreat specialists
  • take time to support the yoga retreat experience for others
  • share enthusiasm, creativity, stories and skills
  • work unsupervised & live fairly independently
  • share a communal home & work closely with other people
  • work in our small team with a sense of humour & basically just want to hang out with us

Kindly fill your details below, if you’re considered for one of the positions then we’ll follow it up with an interview, thanks for your interest!