Mentorships in Portugal..

Dates: March 26th – April 23 2017
Cost: €2000
tashi yoga shala
You will be guided through an in-depth study of yoga practices, teaching skills and yoga study as well as being an integral part of a team on one of the world’s favourite yoga retreats.
There are two participants (sharing accommodation) in the 4 week mentorship program and between 12 – 15 guests each week.
What is included?
  • Pre-reading and pre-arrival self-practice program
  • Weekly readings
  • 2 x daily yoga classes + daily self-practice program
  • Daily kriya, asana, meditation and pranayama practice
  • Weekly one-on-one worskhops (exclusive to the mentorship program)
  • Class observation tasks, assisting and in-class adjusting program
  • Weekly feedback and reflective tasks
  • In-class teaching exercises on retreat with guests and staff
  • Final presentation in the form of your choosing… a talk, a class or a blog
  • Karma yoga activities; assisting me in classes, hosting and helping in the shala
  • Certificate of completion from Vale de Moses Retreats
  • Customised letter of recommendation from Vale de Moses Retreats

‘I absolutely loved being a part of the retreat family, learning so much from each experience. From helping out in classes and leading the meditation classes, to developing and discovering my own self practice… my rituals for the day felt like I had arrived in my own little version of heaven. ‘ Anna, June 2015

Also included:tashi-yoga-workshop

  • 4 x retreat weeks with access to all areas
  • Comfortable shared accommodation with the second mentorship participant an onsite retreat soul-pad 
  • Access to all of the retreat facilities
  • 3 daily buffet vegetarian meals prepared with ayurvedic principles
  • Transfers to and from the retreat from Oleiros
  • All retreat offerings and activities
  • Access to world class therapists

Daily Yoga

Tashi teaches dynamic yoga classes using the ashtanga yoga primary series as the basis for the sequencing, breathing, bandha and drishti practices. She also teaches daily yoga cleansing techniques, workshops, a range of meditation techniques, mantra meditations and pranayama techniques.

Self Practice

Daily self-practice sessions provide the backbone of the mentorship and you will self-practice everyday during our retreats. The program of self-practice is set out by Tashi and you will have the chance to tailor the self-practice program depending on your interests and preferences.


Weekly one-on-one intensives provide you with the rare opportunity to really interrogate the techniques and practices. Tashidawa shares her wealth of experience and knowledge in key areas:

  • Alignment
  • Adjusting skills
  • Sequencing
  • Yoga philosophy

Tashi yoga-52During the month you will practice, participate in and observe the retreat classes and activities. During observation sessions you will complete observation tasks followed by discussions regarding sequencing, adjusting, language, etc.

Practice Teaching

Towards the end of the month you will offer adjustments and assistance during the classes and lead short sessions such as relaxations, meditations, yoga nidra and pranayama sessions. Tashidawa will observe and provide feedback.

Karma Yoga

You will offer few hours a week of volunteer support in the shala and with hosting during the retreat. We have a team of excellent work-exchange volunteers who keep our place bright, fun & super-charged with healthy drinks & snacks. 

Personal Study

Tashidawa will assign you reading and writing projects to complete during your month based on your personal intentions and interests. This may develop into an online blog or a life-long journal…

How to get there?

Fly into Lisbon or Porto on the Friday or Saturday before you start, and enjoy a day or 2 in those charming cities or by the beach before heading up to see us in the mountains on Sunday 26th March. There are afternoon coaches: the 1.30pm from Lisbon or the 4.30pm from Porto, to the local town of Oleiros, where we will pick you up by car on arrival. Coach timetable, prices and tickets on the Rede Expressos website.

What does this cost?

This program costs €2000 which you can pay via paypal or bank transfer.

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