What? Yoga is a Life Practice Workshoptashi yoga in london
When? 10am – 5pm October 28 2017 
How Much? £150 for the whole day, hearty vegetarian lunch included (half day rate available)
Who? Tashi hosted by Kaliyoga Retreats

During this day workshop Tashi invites you to explore the delights and fundamentals of yoga as self-practice which can kickstart and/or close your day… everyday!

This intensive day of practice includes a guided somatic meditation and a dynamic posture practice session in which you can learn how to flow through fundamental transitions to enable you to maintain a short daily practice at home. After a delicious vegetarian lunch Tashi guides a discussion on yoga philosophy basics and finishes the day with a restorative yoga session.

All the mats and props are provided a hearty vegetarian lunch is also included… you need only bring a meditation blanket and perhaps some writing materials…

Time: 9:45am – 5pm

Level: All levels welcome… this practice will be modified to suit beginners

What to expect

The morning practice 10 – 1pm starts with a somatic guided meditation then lead modified Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series. This guided practice will focus on mindful transitions, engagement of the bandhas and paying close attention to breathing.

The Yoga Philosophy and Discussion session 2 – 3.30pm allows time to take a better look at yoga philosophy and workshop some techniques as tools to understand the impact that our thoughts, our feelings, our breathing and our movements have on our lives.
restorative practice 3.30 – 5pm includes guided breathing, meditation and myofascial release techniques. This gives us some space and time for renewal; to restore our vital energy, to respond to the day’s investigations.

When we take the time to practice we find clarity in our intentions, actions and decisions and it may help us become more confident and authentic in our lives.