Come spend a weekend with Tashi in Cork, Ireland at the Himalaya Valley Yoga Centre in March.

Tashi TittibasanaGround and Reach – connecting the Lower & Upper Body

Saturday March 4th 11am-2pm

In this 3hr workshop, for beginners to intermediate students, we will explore the quality of our movement by exploring spinal mobility, uddiyana  bandha, mula bandha and key transitions. No experience required though a general fitness is preferable.

Bandhas – the key to asana

Sunday March 5th 11am – 2pm

In this 3hr workshop we will explore 5 essential bandhas leading to skilfulness in action. We will explore the bandhas in standing, sitting, balancing and inverted postures with their transitions. 


Himalaya Yoga Valley 
34 Penrose Wharf. Cork
Contact +353 (0) 21 427 9696 or email

Who is this for? These sessions are designed for anyone wanting to deepen their yoga practice. Multi level practice, something for everyone. Saturday is suitable for beginners, Sunday is suited to those with a regular yoga practice.

What to expect: A challenging yet accessible workshop adapted to suit your level. Tashi will invite you to explore a whole range of yoga postures and practices in an informal and experimental atmosphere.